Monday, April 7, 2008

"Bulging Capacitors"

This is now the third confirmed mobo I have owned that has had bad capacitors...The first one was actually covered under a recall (can't remember the maker) I still have that one in a box (P1), it was so bad the electrolyte from the caps were leaking all over the mobo.

The second bad mobo was a EPIA M10000. It was acting flakey...random crashes etc. I had Chris at replace the Caps (Sep 06,$55). Nice work, everything done exactly as he said it would be...worked fine after that until it was stolen (Sep 07)...(truck computer)

This Soyo Dragon+ was bought in 2002. It is an Athlon mobo and the power capacitors are in a row next to the CPU. The entire row of caps (8 in a row and 1 at the end) are bulging at the top.

Hopefully it is the last one to die of bad caps.

(yes I know it is was clean a year ago)

(edit: I found that the chipset fan was sticking, so I put some WD-40 on it...I don't know if that contributed to the problem, but I am sending the mobo in anyway)

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