Saturday, April 5, 2008

Off-site file storage

It is important to have backups...everything we seem to do now is electronically created.

I have tried sneakerlan storage (use a portable drive and carry it around with you)...actually I still do that at work, due to they fact they didn't want to store my work email on the work servers.

Sneakerlan doesn't seem to work at home for me, because I just forget to plug the drive in...and I can't just have it automatically synchronize (or maybe I can, but just don't know how).

Off-site storage always appealed to me...mostly because if a disaster devastated both my house and the off-site storage place simultaneously, I would in fact be the most unlucky person in the world.

HOWEVER, there is a giant problem with off-site storage...if you don't have a T-1 line to your desk...yup bandwidth.

At home my Cable ISP gives (ha) me incredible download speeds...not the fastest in the world, but about 10 times the download speed as my brother's DSL.

But the upload is like at 56k modem at times.

So just imagine how long it takes to back up a couple of gigs of important documents and photos (not even .mp3s or video)...yes, days.

The obvious answer is...only back up off-site once every couple of months or something, because during the 3 days it took to overall connection speed dropped off dramatically.

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