Sunday, April 13, 2008

Short note about laptop comparisons

While I was researching my laptop buy, I read a lot of reviews, and even the comments after the reviews.

The common problem is it becomes very difficult to get a straight comparison of light/ultraportable/etc computers.

HTC Touch cellphone (WM): +light, inexpensive; - onscreen keyboard, micro SD storage. ok battery life

iPhone(OSX): heavier, twice the price, external storage?, good battery life

The Nokia N810(Debian) same as iPhone, slightly larger, real keyboard. ok battery life

The Asus eeePC (Slackware?) much larger and heavier, same price as iPhone, looks like laptop...shorter battery life

Macbook Air (OSX). Most expensive, about the same weight as optical drive, good battery life, but internal only.

Dell M1330 (WVP). Less $ than Air. Half a # heavier than Air. Battery life between eeePC and Air. Other than that out performs air. has optical drive...external battery

Dell Vostro (WXP?). cheap, fast, heavy, ugly. other than that, about the same as the M1330

I think the point was made...there are a billion choices out there. Size, Performance, 3-D performance, battery life, Operating system, features.

It is pointless to argue which one is only matters if it is better for your purpose.


Escherblacksmith said...

very deep. so, why not go for the vostro?

bubba zanetti said...

A better question would by why not the eeePC?

For me, it was the weight/performance/price point.

I already had a heavy laptop...they are just an absolute pain to take through airport security.

The eeePC is almost there...but against the refurbished no longer has a significant price eyecandy won out over price.