Saturday, April 5, 2008

Is it possible to move my RAID to a different computer?

Luckily, the answer is YES.

So in my dead Soyo Dragon+, I had a Promise TX4310 SATA RAID5 PCI card. I had that card for a couple of if the card went bad, I should be able to buy another one and be back in business, two: if the mobo goes bad, I should be able to move everything onto a new mobo.

Well I am currently demonstrating the second one...When I built my most recent computer, I changed all the cases (three) to Thermaltake Tsunami cases (btw, they are nice)...they feature an easily removable 5 drive disk cage (with a big fan to cool them).

In my dead computer I mounted the 4 raid drives AND the OS drive in that disk cage...I swapped the cage out to a different computer, threw in the RAID PCI card (never unhooked any SATA wires between the PCI card and the drives) and booted.

Anyone who has played with Windows very much knows that the chances of it booting correctly (different mobo, chipset, cpu etc) were slim and none. But I did boot it off the XP install cd, got to the install menu, said "repair" and it chugged away removing and replacing. Within an hour I booted up into XP again...RAID intact...and I am now moving files from this RAID to the ReadyNAS as I type this...thats one for the good guys.

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