Friday, April 18, 2008

M1330 arrived!

I don't go into that whole unboxing photos thing...there are websites that already do that.

But I will say that I bought a Refurbished laptop from Dell. From what I could tell, the things that were not brand new sealed were the laptop (it has a sticker underneath to prove it is not new) and the power brick. (everything came in a standard Dell laptop box)

New software, a nice new folder thing to hold the software and documentation (actual hard copy users manual), a nice new sleeve for the laptop, New BT mouse and batteries, new remote control and battery.

This M1330 replaces my C800 that I bought off ebay...this one weighs less than half as much, longer battery life, and quiet (the C800 sounded like a hairdryer when being worked).

It came with Vista Home Premium...usability is yet to be tested, but it looks sleek and so far is a nice OS to work with. That window that pops up when you install software to make sure you really mean to do that does not seem to be an annoyance, it pops up on top right away...rather than hiding underneath your windows and you wonder why it isn't going.

For networking it is very shows EVERY device on my network that has an IP address. (i.e. cameras) It also shows my media servers (a PC running ORB, and the ReadyNAS) as media servers ready to connect to WMPlayer.

I am now going to run 3DMark (Futuremark) and benchmark this baby.

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