Saturday, April 5, 2008

Gigabit LANs...are they?


I don't know if they are worth it yet...I have never been close to half that speed...and that was using some benchmark software (NetIQ Qcheck).

Currently (and there are a lot of factors speed...RAID5 write speed etc) Win XP says I am using 8% of the capabilities of my Gigabit Ethernet card. (Gigabit card to Gigabit switch to ReadyNAS Gigabit port)

I will caveat this by saying, I just cobbled this mess together...however...I still expected more.

I do know that the mobo that died, using the same ethernet card was faster than this the limfac may be this mobo.

Well upon further fast computer without an onboard raid...running through different wires the exact same speed...seems like the weakness may be the RAID 5 write speed of the ReadyNAS.

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